"3 Song Demo"

(Peephole Records 2003)

With vocals that remind of Siouxsie Sioux, The Starlits have an edgy sound that is best classified as punk rock, but avoids the cliché sounds that every pop punk song on the radio seems to magnify. While limited to only three songs, The Starlits easily set your toe tapping and your head bobbing with their catchy beats.

Using gritty, heavy chords, The Starlits open their three song release with "For You." The song uses an understated guitar solo while the slightly raspy lead vocals blend well with the instrumentation. Beginning slowly before shifting to a somewhat more pop punk sound, "Cast A Shadow" is gentle and more melodic with soft harmonies while still having a bit of an edge. Seeming to combine the sound from the two prior tracks, "Tongue To Cheek" is gritty and rhythmic while still utilizing melodic vocals.

The Starlits have a tight sound that comes across excellently on the recording. And while the songs are not overly catchy, they still have more than enough substance to get and hold your attention. The three track release gets more familiar with each listen and gives you just enough so that your interests are, at the very least, peaked for more of The Starlits.