State Shirt
"Don't Die"

(Los Fucking Angeles 2004)State Shirt - Don\'t Die

The debut full-length album from a one-man band, "Don't Die" introduces State Shirt, aka Ethan Tufts, with his smart mix of electronic with rock for a full, sometimes haunting and sometimes danceable, sound. It is a ride, and State Shirt is ready to take you on that ride and show you the sites and sounds.

State Shirt immediately draws your attention in with electronic tracks "Straw Man," with its interesting and intense sound, and "It Is A Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night," a rhythmic and catchy track accented by scratching. Leaning ever so slightly more towards rock sensibilities, "Life Isn't Everything" is strong and steady while "Not A Kid Anymore" uses guitar to deliver a gentle melody and "Highway" is smooth and relaxed before gritty riffs kick in. It is not drums, but a mix of untraditional beats that helps to set "Postcard" apart as Tufts adds vocals with a softer edge. The intensity builds on the smooth melody of "Edison's Medicine" and the well executed "A Variation on Two," which progresses through stages of dynamics, before the quietly built "Back to the Airplanes" closes "Don't Die."

State Shirt avoids steadfast traditions and a cookie-cutter sound by incorporating a variety of sounds that both crash and sooth. The result is "Don't Die," a dreamlike trip through melodic tunes, quick beats and earnest vocals.


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