"Blow Away Yr Regrets"

(Energy Castle 2005)Stereocean - Blow Away Yr Regrets

Untraditional, from their use of vocals -- sparse and undistinguishable -- to their instrumentally focused sound, full of buzzing guitar, and the structure of their songs, Stereocean's "Blow Away Yr Regrets" puts forth a noisy, indie rock sound.

Stereocean pack everything in to "Blues for Ayn Rand," as more than seven minutes are filled with quiet, atmospheric guitar rock that becomes rhythmic and bass drives the song. On tracks like the gritty and loose "Hundreds of Threes" and the melodic "Reasons to Fix a Broken Toy," Stereocean show little restraint. "Death Beneath the Dollar" revolves around one note while "Hammerdom" has a quiet, sleepy sound. Light behind somewhat stormy clouds, "Ghost Blues" pulls the album together with modest riffs.

It is a mixed bag with Stereocean. While generally unfocused, "Blow Away Yr Regrets" reserves a more spontaneous, raw feel with their equipment turned, seemingly, up as high as it will go.


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