"Like From Dakota"

(Vox Populi Records 2006)Stereophonics - Like From Dakota

While the Stereophonics might have five full-length releases, number one singles, and sold out concerts in other parts of the world, the United Kingdom threesome are little known stateside. Now with their live album "Live From Dakota," a compilation of performances during their 2005 world tour, on their very own imprint label, Vox Populi Records, the Stereophonics seem poised to make some moves.

"If you've never been to one of our gigs before, then this will make you want to come," claims Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones. He is right, but only partially. The two CD collection "Live From Dakota" might serve in place of a greatest hits but it also lacks some of the cohesiveness a greatest hits collection would offer. "Live From Dakota" is a somewhat muddy live recording that offers a bit too much material for potential fans and lacks a variety in sound, a problem that live concerts can sometimes magnify. Sounding like a much more relaxed version of the Manic Street Preachers, the Stereophonics offer reserved power on "Jayne" and gritty guitar licks that take charge on "Superman."

For fans of the Stereophonics and adventurous rock fans, "Live From Dakota" delivers nearly two hours of uninterrupted music. Sing along with the crowd on the smooth ballad "Traffic" and cheer before a rocking version of "The Bartender And The Thief" while enjoying it from the comfort of your own home. But when it comes to the soaring melody of "Dakota" and the gentle "Hurry Up And Wait," "Live From Dakota" is a collection that presents a clear image of the Stereophonics as they play their hits for their fans.


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