(Self-Released 2003)Stereosoul - Stereosoul

When a band sings about love on the Internet and their porn star girlfriend, who presumably they met online, and then claim to be "victims of capitalism," you have to wonder: Just who are they trying to kid? But with their ultra pop meets sixties rock 'n' roll, Stereosoul's self-titled album tries to make you a believer.

With an intro reminiscent of Kraftwerk's twinkling, Stereosoul quickly go into their poppy rock sound on "Internet Life Sucks." "Subway Rider," whose lyrics are mainly a repetition of the insipid "I know a girl who takes a train to work/Has got long blonde hair and her boss is a jerk/She's the daughter of a lady who's married to a guy," is a foot-tapping, rhythmically driven song. The album's stand out track, "Mary Stuyvesant," is Calypso flavored pop. Hitting another cliché pop culture topic (the first being the Internet), "(I'm In Love With A) Porno Star" is another upbeat and up tempo one for toe tapping.

Stereosoul slow down on "Now She's Lonely," whose chorus instrumentation reminds of The Beatles' "Fixing A Hole." Using distorted guitar both during the opening and interspersed throughout, "Baby Blue" adds a lot to the generally otherwise programmed sounding tune. Stereosoul have a John Mayer-inspired moment with their softer but still energetic "Rockabye" while the band have, apparently, dropped the porno star in favor of "Victims of Capitalism," a slow to mid tempo song that is not quite believable as they proclaim "And all that we're begging for is change/Change for what? Whatever the better/Give it what you got now/They've taken what they can now/We are the victims of capitalism." "101 Things" is most the most 60s sounding song of the album, making you wonder how big of Peter Noone fans the band is. Stereosoul close the album with "Wish You Were Her," a up tempo and light song with strumming guitar very similar to Wings' "Mamunia."

While Stereosoul's self-titled album has some rather catchy and good instrumentation, there is an overall lack of substance as the band implement much repetition throughout. With that said, the band have a definite sound that is on par with other pop rockers and show a variety of sounds on the album without being confusing. Stereosoul's self-titled album has a fun element and some sing along moments.


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