Stone Coda
"3-Track EP"

(Self-Released )

The 3-track EP by British band Stone Coda features the single, "Beautiful Yet Brutal," a wordy, tumbling rock song that is certainly a standout. The song, which was smartly chosen to be a single, grabs you as soon as Stone Coda's singer, Leroy, starts in and keeps going and keeps the listener interested. You have to give the band credit - while two of the tracks are listed as demo versions ("100 Hours" and "Upon My Shoulders") they sound well put together and much better sounding than you'd expect on a demo. "100 Hours" is an instrumentally heavy-ish sounding track that makes you think grungy modern rock. The latter track, "Upon My Shoulders" has a simpler structure with the instruments more subdued than earlier tracks, allowing for the vocals to stick out more, which does sounds nice. Guitar-driven rock is not anything new, but with songs like "Beautiful Yet Brutal," Stone Coda is definitely worth a listen.