"July 8, 2009"

Subhumans - July 8, 2009

The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA, USA

There are some bands that have been around, seemingly, forever that don’t mind bringing out the old fan favorites and playing what the audience wants to hear. The Subhumans are one of those bands.

“Don’t worry, we’ll play everything you want to hear,” singer Dick Lucas assured fans at an all-ages show at The Barbary in Philadelphia. Requests were being yelled out almost non-stop between songs. It was probably the most Lucas spoke during the show. Instead, the band simply got on with it, racing through songs with little ado while still not being able to pack in everything. When given their ten minute warning the band, dismayed, went back into their set which included “Apathy,” “No,” “Mickey Mouse Is Dead,” “Businessmen.”

Opening bands The Ray Gradys and Witch Hunt – both from Philly – brought energy and, in the latter case, weak threats of a fight with a heckler in the audience who wasn’t interested in hearing the band’s inspirations for a song.

And in the end, there’s a reason that decades after their first releases we’re still talking about them. There’s a reason that they’re still packing fans in at shows. Granted there was nothing “magical” but at their show in Philadelphia, the Subhumans were as they should be: simple, straightforward and damn effective.