"Young For Eternity"

(Sire/London/Rhino 2006)Subways - Young For Eternity

The debut full-length release from the United Kingdom's Subways is a tightrope walk between heavily pounding rock that screams and shouts, pulling you in with catchy riffs and hooks, and middle of the road rock that borders on indie rock with its challenging melodies and everlasting rhythms. Picking up a few tricks that they obviously learned during the grunge years, The Subways want you to know that they are holding little back on "Young For Eternity."

Undeniably catchy, the band's first single "Rock & Roll Queen" is powered by driving riffs while the remarkably similar "Oh Yeah" puts to use pounding drums and crashing cymbals. Bass player Charlotte Cooper adds rough, monotone background vocals to "City Pavement," as her bass playing shines through on the rather rhythmic song and the pounding opening track "I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say." The Subways do manage to fit a breather or two in between all of the action for the power ballad "Lines Of Light" and the textured melody of "No Goodbyes" while piano twinkles over the soft "She Sun" that pulls all their gentle moments together for a well focused result. "My best days are with you/They are so easy," frontman Billy Lunn sings with surprising tenderness on the hard rocking "With You."

The Subways certainly have their moments on "Young For Eternity" where they pull you in and set you rocking. But with so much borrowed and little variation from loud to soft, The Subways are still in need of some fine-tuning. For a debut full-length, "Young For Eternity" comes flying out of the gates, raring to go and The Subways are eager to show what they are made of.


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