"Blame It on the Youth"

(Warner Bros. Records 2005)Sun - Blame It on the Youth

The Sun has done their best to be assured at least some publicity for their debut full-length release. As if being on a major label was not enough, the band has increased their importance, at least temporarily, by releasing "Blame It On The Youth" as a DVD album. With each track having an accompanying video, the record is only playable on a DVD player although fans are assured they will be able to "rip high resolution WAV files directly into their computers."

With the look and sound, albeit somewhat rougher and less mainstream, of Weezer, The Sun let their 60s influences take control on tracks like "Must Be You," where the video shows singer and guitarist Chris Burney being arrested to the sound of clean poppy rock, "Lost At Home," where they sport suits in the black and white video and girls hand jive to the quick riff-driven rock, and the pop ready "Waitin' On High," where the band act charmingly and ridiculously goofy, performing in their underwear to the upbeat melody as Burney sings that "pathetic little hipsters gonna get punched in the face." Meanwhile the pulsing melody of "Romantic Death" is completely overshadowed by the video which shows people, from the shoulders up, masturbating and the DIY-feeling video for the hurried crashing and clamoring "2B4" borrows from the video for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Don't Come Around Here No More" with its trippy feel and effects.

While, the videos are really nothing but a gimmick, "Blame It On The Youth" as a DVD album is, if nothing else, a unique idea. But for the most part, the videos distract you from the music. Watching the videos while listening to the album minimizes the impact of the songs and rewrites the tone. Not to mention it takes away from The Sun's catchy hooks.


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