"Diamond Hoo Ha"

(Astralwerks 2008)Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

If you just awoke from some Rip Van Winkle style snooze or drug induced coma you might not have too much catching up to do. While the current music scene is teeming with reunions trying to make the best of these trying times, mid-nineties Britpop band Supergrass are one step ahead of the crowd in that they never broke up to begin with. More than a decade after their debut and three years since their last release, Supergrass come out swinging with "Diamond Hoo Ha," their sixth studio album.

Supergrass are not about to hide any of their strongest tracks. "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" is infectious with its thick buzzing guitar and bass as drums dynamically thunder while "Whiskey & Green Tea" melds light electronic twinkles with waves of pounding rock. The lilting pop melody of "Rebel In You" evokes a glitzy disco throwback and fuller, harder chorus. Elsewhere Supergrass turns their enthusiasm down a notch. "The Return Of…" is dreamy with a swirling interlude dominated by horns while "Ghost Of A Friend" is still upbeat but has a more soulful sound.

Although the album was recorded at Berlin's Die Hansa Tonstudio -- which has seen the likes of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and U2 among others -- do not expect any of that ice cold German influence although closing track "Butterfly" offers a decent Bowie imitation. "Diamond Hoo Ha" is full of glitz and glamour, nods to pop, disco and '80s electronic are prominent. Supergrass are not old, just experienced and "Diamond Hoo Ha" keeps a steady energy.


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