Supra Argo
"Supra Argo"

(Omega Point Records 2003)Supra Argo - Supra Argo

In 1997, Supra Argo put out their first and only, until recently, release. But in the summer of 2003, Omega Point Records took the band's unreleased album and an unreleased EP, added some bonus tracks, and offered it to the public. Supra Argo's self-titled album is a warm mix of electronic and indie rock with just as many pulsing beats as catchy guitar sequences in their well executed instrumentation.

Reminding of Depeche Mode, "Off Blue" opens the album with a likable synth pop feel as Supra Argo's Karen Sandvoss and Collin Rae, whose vocals remind of Dave Gahan's, croon together a few times in the mostly instrumental song. Alternating back and forth between a distorted rock riff led sound and the soft verses where Sandvoss adds her vocals, "Grey'd" foreshadows the sound of the rest of the album -- just as much guitar rock as it is synth pop. "Duster" reminds you with its catchy pulses of Supra Argo's electronic background as the catchy guitar of "Or Un-Manned" grabs your attention. Smooth and gentle, Rae takes over lead vocal duties on the eerily calm "Crash My Car" while drums patter with soft vocals in the background. "Floating like a dead fish in a spoiled sea/You fought fate when you fought me," Sandvoss sings on the (surprisingly) upbeat sounding "Headless Giant." Sounding lovely and understated, Sandvoss' and Rae's vocals stand in the forefront of "Piranha" as pulses beep and chirp all over the background. Spacey beats on the aptly titled dreamlike "Dream The End" segues into the interesting "28 Pairs" which uses a mid tempo involved drum part behind slow, paced vocals and melodic guitar riffs. Opening with spaced out guitar squealing, "Die Aphrodite" has a nice swelling as the instrumentation builds in the background which fades away for verses, only to return for the chorus. Using a catchy melody for the opening, heavy guitar riffs over beeping pulses, "Please Don't Know" closes the album strongly.

On many of the tracks, Sandvoss' soft, smooth vocals offer the complete opposite of the engaging rock instrumentation. Seemingly gentle throughout the majority of the album's twelve tracks, Supra Argo still offer that extra edge with their instrumentation, adding well performed guitar solos, or their lyrics, while not subtle are unexpected due to the tone of the vocals. Seductive, clever and catchy, it is clear why Supra Argo's self-titled album is seeing the light of day.