"People Are Soft"

(Mad Dragon Records 2009)Swimmers - People Are Soft

Philadelphia's The Swimmers offer dreamy, feel good power pop that's rich in electronics circa the entire decade of the ‘80s on "People Are Soft," the band's sophomore album. Or rather it would be feel good music if it was more upbeat as the sugary pop sounds of "People Are Soft" have all the makings of an otherwise uplifting record.

The Swimmers certainly live in the past as "Try to Settle In" starts off sounding of ‘60s retro before piling on the electronics and big chiming bells, sounding more like a Christmas carol than a pop tune. Elsewhere on "People Are Soft" the ‘80s are king: from the new wave robot rhythms of "Give Me the Sun" to the wistful and blissed out "Shelter." The Swimmers certainly vary their sound but never as much as they do for "Drug Party," the band's take on garage rock complete with buzzing electric guitar.

The Swimmers come off on "People Are Soft" sounding like a less hip, less trendy and more old school version of bands like MGMT or Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. For some, that will be just what the doctor ordered; who needs all the psychedelics in their power pop anyhow? But for others The Swimmers' "People Are Soft" might be too heavy on the unadulterated pop sound.


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