"No Place Like Home"

(State of Mind Recordings 2005)Taea - No Place Like Home

Regardless of the genre, musicians, surprisingly, never seem to run out of anger, bitterness and aggression for which to fuel their creativity. It is that creativity that they use to mold and create songs. Virginia hardcore band Taea seems to fall into that category of musicians powered by their own rage. The band's eight song EP, "No Place Like Home," is an aggressive and assaulting sixteen and a half minutes that knock you upside the head with pounding instrumentation led by grinding guitar riffs.

Strong, aggressive starts are slowly deconstructed to slow instrumentation as the band's vocals turn into sneering intimidation on "No Place Like Home." From "All That I Gave," with its rough, powerful start that dips for a pounding drum interlude before soaring back up with thumping bass, to "The Hand That You're Dealt," with its chant like choruses and section of deep cutting guitar riffs, Taea makes repeated use of its formula. Speeding quickly and recklessly, Taea create quite a clamor on "Nothing Less," which features instrumental break downs and the first notable guitar solo of the CD, and "I Won't Forget," where breakneck rhythms end in slow chanting.

Taea might be consistent, but "No Place Like Home" only knows one dynamic: loud. Recycling the same structures and sounds that saturate hardcore, they fail to stand out from the crowd or even engage the listener. Taea's predictable sound makes it easy to gloss over the individual songs and instead transform "No Place Like Home" into one epic song.