Tarantula A.D.

(Self-Released 2004)Tarantula A.D. - Tarantula

One of the things that gives instrumental music its beauty is the fact that hiding imperfections or weaknesses is much more difficult than in a song with lyrics. Everything is easily visible, or rather, audible. And on their self-titled album, Tarantula want you to listen to every part, they want you to hear every detail of their modernly orchestral music.

Smooth, gentle tones lead the first part of "Rail" before taking short rhythmic bouts as the music slides, somersaults and races all over. Percussion and violin, playing slow, drawn out notes, combine for a dramatic sound one moment and then, as drums crash, the atmosphere is "fun" the next, and then somewhat experimental on "Backdoor Carni." Almost a continuation of the previous song, "Embedded in Ice" begins light, quiet twinkling before quick plucked notes offer variance from drawn out, slower, heavier ones. Nostalgic of centuries gone by, but with a modern twist, "Opening Theme" is melodic with a jazz sound while "Palo Borracho" is light and airy: as you wiggle your hips, percussion scratches and rattles and guitar and violin alternately mix and take turns with the lead.

While Tarantula may be creating serious instrumental music, one listen will assure you that their sound is anything but classical. Combining sounds, influences and ideas, Tarantula's album reminds you of all the emotions and feelings that can be conveyed without words.