(New Age Records 2008)Thekokoon - Berlin

The sophomore release from Berlin-based duo Thekokoon is one that is ready to eat you alive -- but only after you have been thoroughly fattened. The slinking sounds of '70s glam and '80 goth come pouring out of "Berlin." Pushing their music and themselves even further, Thekokoon kick things up a notch by keeping you guessing, moving between those debauched sounds and others for an album that certainly cannot be considered boring or tedious.

Thekokoon come strutting into view on "Berlin" with the cocky swagger and sound of 1970s David Bowie. In fact, opening track "Impressions" could almost pass for a cover of the former glam rocker's music if he had, you know, actually written the track and "How Do I Work This" offers a similarly slinky and sleek sound. Elsewhere the confidence takes on a different form with the heavily creeping seduction of "Break Down." While Thekokoon do lose some footing with the repetitive rocker "We Didn't Go," the goth meets new wave sound on tracks like "Scout" and the synth driven "It's Time Now" keep a fun attitude.

Partly a party album that never falls too far into the land of excess and partly a celebration of seductive qualities, Thekokoon show why Berlin has long been a muse for musicians, such as Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, and put a vintage era spin on those sounds. Thekokoon show off their potential on "Berlin," as the flashy new wave sinks into murky instrumentation that helps embolden their sound and keep that retro image intact.


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