(Self-Released 2004)Thekokoon - Independent

On "Independent," UK band Thekokoon show that they know how to write a slow tune with some bite, accented with twinkling beats. Smooth melodies round out their sound as they add some fun, whirling, whizzing, sputtering noises to the mix for quick ear catching numbers.

With a little for everyone in their strong and catchy sound, "Calling" comes out with buzzing electronic pulses, crashing drum beats and plunking piano while elsewhere "Tied" leads with its melody. Thekokoon's instrumentation leads their songs as with the slower bass driving "Face," has a dreamy, far away feel, while on the upbeat "Dawn" Danyx tells you "Dance away your tears and fears" over gritty riffs and light pulses. Rhythmic beats are the main thread of some songs more than others, such as the relaxed "Delicate" and the fun electronic assault "Order." Full of variance, "Ready To Go" uses dynamics as it builds to a full, fuzzy sound, and "Take Me To The World" offers a rougher edge.

Electronics reign supreme for Thekokoon. Never abusing their cornerstone, Thekokoon's "Independent" remains interesting and even inspires dance, although there is more to their sound than just that. It is more about a feeling, and one that is delivered with confidence.