"You Are Here"

(Hot Records Ltd 2009)thenewno2 - You Are Here

While you may not have heard of thenewno2, you're already partially familiar with the group: band member Dhani Harrison is the son of the late George Harrison. thenewno2 bares little resemblance to the elder Harrison's music although I'd be negligent if I didn't mention the strikingly similarity in their vocals. That said, thenewno2's "You Are Here" floats weightlessly over quickly pulsing synthesizer beats showcasing a distinct minimalist sound that never comes off as though it is lacking.

Haunting and spacey, "So Vain" and "Another John Doe" are easy to get wrapped up in, the understated melodies echoing over the low thump of bass and synths. At other times, thenewno2 showcase strong alternative rock that grabs you with a fuller instrumental sound that's more fluid and less rigid than on some of the earlier tracks. "Yomp" forcefully pushes out of the quiet box that "You Are Here" has created, flying high with a new found aggression while "Wind Up Dead" and "Idle Lover" offer a more laidback take on this wider sound.

If you were to take Beth Gibbons' powerful vocals out of Portishead and turn down the band's trip hop sound, it might sound similar to thenewno2; it is the essence and the vibe which are far closer than the actual sound. There's enough happening on "You Are Here" to make thenewno2 a band to take interest in, keep an eye (and ear) on and from whom to expect the unexpected.


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