Third Degree
"Punk Sugar"

(Selfmadegod 2008)Third Degree - Punk Sugar

You can build up a hell of a lot of rage in twelve years. Just ask Third Degree, who have just released "Punk Sugar," their second full-length album in said amount of time. And while that may not be the slickest move, you know, financially or whatever, it certainly sounds as if the layoff paid off creatively. Rather than let their vitriol out in a trickle over a bunch of albums, "Punk Sugar" is a virtual tidal wave of musical pissed-offness.

Third Degree back up their caustic attitude with a chunky mix of crust punk and grindcore. "From Simple Punks" rages like a meth addict foaming at the mouth and looking to smash down your door. It's a perfect way to kick off a boiling half-hour fix of red-eyed brutalism. Nothing fancy or flashy, just beefy, in-your-face riffs slathered over utilitarian drumming and Piotr Bartczak's vocals, which sound as if he's got a mouthful of empty bleeding sockets where his teeth used to be. And although they don't let their anger cause them to get too fast-paced and out of control, Third Degree will speed up and do some strategic grinding, like on the flesh-peeling "Where is the Consumation?"

Not only is the music deliciously aggro, but as a bonus, all of the lyrics are in Polish. This is a bonus because 1: you probably wouldn't be able to understand Bartczak even if he were singing in English, and 2: it frees you up to make up lyrics to accompany the music. Hate your boss? Professor coming down on you? Third Degree have given you the perfect soundtrack to write your own rage-fueled screeds. Furious yet controlled and even catchy, "Punk Sugar" proves that Rage Against The Machine was right: anger is a gift.


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