This Is Exploding
"This Is Exploding"

(Self-Released 2003)This Is Exploding - This Is Exploding

Although they compare themselves to Jimmy Eat World and Weezer, neither band really resembles the heart of This Is Exploding. All three bands have a power pop aspect in common but This Is Exploding are melodic without having a hook or a real stand out riff to get stuck in your head. Instead, the songs rely on a less obviously formal structure. The band's self titled EP is power pop rock that leans more towards instrumentation than vocals. Including a video for "Better," This Is Exploding's EP might spark your interest but they never really ignite the fuse.

Starting with heavy power pop riffs, "Girl Named Hell" is a catchy tune that works well. Engaging, full instrumentation balances out the mid tempo "Better" by alternating between a short, quick guitar line and slightly longer, heavy riffs. Slower and melodic, "Uneducated" has a memorable soaring chorus before an extended instrumental end while the quick paced "Neither Do I" starts with pounding drums and eases into a poppy chorus. This Is Exploding's "Plan" lurks quietly, softly before a full and well executed, engaging instrumental end that easily reveals itself as one of the band's obvious strengths.

While the vocals are not the strongest, they could have been pulled out more. As it is, the vocals seem to be drowned out under the instrumentation. The band's self titled EP is focused and just needs some tweaking and, perhaps, to take some chances to distance themselves from potential comparisons. This Is Exploding might not always have a blast, but they certainly have more than a fizzle.


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