This Is Hell
"This Is Hell"

(State of Mind Recordings 2005)This Is Hell - This Is Hell

This Is Hell, and their corresponding self-titled EP, may or may not be appropriately named, depending on your musical tastes. But regardless, the sound from this Long Island, New York, band is hard hitting hardcore. No one can accuse This Is Hell of holding back as their pounding sound and screaming vocals are more than enough to get anyone's attention.

Not shy about letting you know that they are here, This Is Hell get a quick start with "Dead Salutes" and "Heaven Sent, Hell Bound" while also putting drummer Dan Bourke to work with speeding rhythms to match the gritty instrumentation. With a heavier sound, This Is Hell raises their collective fist into the air, pumping it wildly on "Moving Targets," using a slower monologue at the end to tie things together while "Ad Infinitum" maintains the hard sound and adds a rougher texture, guitars grinding through a chanting chorus. This Is Hell bring their EP to a close with "When Death Closes Your Eyes," a quick thrashing song that pounds and thumps as it pushes and shoves you around.

Flirting with hard rock and heavy metal elements, This Is Hell bring out their sound. Hard and heavy throughout the band's six-track self-titled EP, This Is Hell offer little variation as their songs flow, unintentionally, almost seamlessly together to create a full picture that is somewhat disjointed in parts. With some restraint and use of dynamics, This Is Hell could harness their power and come out swinging even harder.