Three Miles Out
"That's Life"

(Big Dog Head Records 2001)Three Miles Out - That\'s Life

With heavy riffs and harmonized melodies, Three Miles Out's "Knock Me Down" opens their 2001 release "That's Life." Throwing in a nice guitar solo, "Knock Me Down" has obvious radio appeal. Sounding like a mix of Marvelous 3 and Eve 6 with Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" inspired lyrics ("Today I woke up, only to find you gone/All my clothes were outside scatter on the lawn.") on "Lies," Three Miles Out sounds like a mix somewhere between pop punk and pop alt rock. The quirky and slightly retro sound of "Tragedy" features lyrics like "Life can be so strange, so subject to change/So don't try to rearrange/Souls to be mended, positions defended."

"So Gone," the album's first ballad, returns in an acoustic form as a hidden track at the album's end. The acoustic version lets you appreciate the song more, hearing all of its parts better. Staying on the lighter edge, "Reaching Out" has a soft feel and a kind of catchy melody on the chorus as does "Clear My Mind." "In The Light" a slightly harder feeling song, has a background melody that reminds of the Goo Goo Dolls' "Slide" while "Break Me," with its bass riff opening and comparatively heavier riffs on the verses, seems in the same vein as "Knock Me Down." The guitar-driven "Circle" embarks from pop punk and sounds decidedly like alt rock. Cliché but somewhat catchy, "Desperate" returns, however, to a very driving pop sound. "Why," a Dave Grohl sounding sing along closes the album with a, relatively, lesser pop sound that suits the band.

Getting better with each listen, the entire album "That's Life" doesn't jump out at first listen. And while they're simply providing their take on modern rock they have some clear cut singles like "Knock Me Down." Three Miles Out is a tight band headed in the right direction with some minor issues that only time can fix.


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