(Last Gang Records 2006)Tiga - Sexor

The debut album from DJ and producer Tiga is like a night out at the club. Filling the album "Sexor" with pumping beats and pulsing rhythms that throb with no signs of stopping, Tiga seems to want to offer something personal but easily identifiable to him on his first full-length release.

Based on his album's title, Tiga might be spending too much time on the computer. Starting off with a cheesy voice over on introductory track "Welcome To Planet Sexor," the album really gets moving on tracks like the monotone pulsing of "Pleasure From The Bass" and the quick "You Gonna Want Me." On "Who's That?" the swirling electronics add an epic feel before the quick thrashing of "Good As Gold/Flexible Skulls."

Smooth melodies stand out from the low thumping electronics throughout "Sexor." The bright and poppy "(Far From) Home" is simple but effective and "The Ballad of Sexor" puts the emphasis on its soft melody. The album also throws in covers of Public Enemy's "Louder Than A Bomb," with its video game-like pulse and a deeper voice taking over vocal duties, Nine Inch Nails' "Down In It," which remains slow amidst a whip cracking-like beat setting the rhythm, and Talking Heads' "Burning Down The House," a lively but instrumentally basic cover.

Never going too heavy, even when covering Public Enemy and Nine Inch Nails, Tiga's "Sexor" is light and easy going as it bounces along and urges you to shake your hips. But those light rhythms repeat endlessly and offer little variance for the album's hour of playtime. While less is often more, Tiga generally goes for too little or regurgitates the same sounds to the point of losing the listener's interest. Tiga might not want to fly off to Planet Sexor just yet.


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