Tim Cullen
"Fun Razor"

(Long Live Crime 2004)Tim Cullen - Fun Razor

Striking out on your own and leaving the safe confines of a band you put your heart and soul in is tough. There is no doubt, it is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps that is the reason many choose to remain a group environment when making music. Tim Cullen, former front man for alt-rockers Summer Camp, decided to put himself out there. Cullen's debut solo album, "Fun Razor," is upbeat rock with a power pop feeling.

The chorus of "All" crashes as Cullen's vocals soar lightly on the power ballad "On the Down" while the upbeat ballad style of "Good to Know" works on its smooth and well blended instrumentation. Better late than never, Cullen adds some variety to his album with the start and stop melody on "Fool" as he shines up another power rock gem with the quick driving "We are the History." With the album's most notable hook, "The Need" crashes on full instrumentation, its melody ringing in your ears. Heavier guitar riffs drive "Now It's Over" as Cullen offers no regret over a break up.

While "Fun Razor" is, well, fun and a tight pop album, it leaves a little to be desired in terms of substance. The high energy album rarely slows as Cullen hammers out on upbeat, perky melody after another. The result is each song flies by without getting the opportunity to sink in. But in a music industry where instant gratification sells, it is hard to say whether Cullen's got the wrong idea.


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