T-Model Ford
"The Ladies Man"

(Alive Records 2010)T-Model Ford - The Ladies Man

These days, it's hard to find anyone playing the blues. Who needs these new blues musicians with their fancy electric guitars and soulless music? Jack White and The Black Keys will tell you where it all originated from. The blues of Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters, among others, worked just fine, to say the very least, and, luckily, there are still some musicians carrying on that version of the genre, such as T-Model Ford. For "The Ladies Man," Ford sets his electric aside and picks up an acoustic for an impromptu performance that was recorded at a studio in Kansas in summer of 2008.

Ford's new album is more than just music. The album is similar to any of those numerous television or radio shows where the musicians play their songs and then discuss them briefly in between. Likewise, in between tracks, Ford is gently nudged for comments or explanations (such as the confusion over his exact date of birth) while other things he offers without any request (such as his love and need for Jack Daniels). No spring chicken, Ford's answers can be less than clear at times but when it comes to the music, he's there completely. But from the lengthy jam, if you can call it that, "Chicken Head Man" to "44 Blues," which Howlin Wolf made popular, there really aren't any bad cuts on the album.

T-Model Ford's "The Ladies Man" has an endearing quality. It's simply nice to know there's still legitimate blues musicians actively making music. What's more, you can hear the love that T-Model Ford has for the blues. The unpracticed, spontaneous nature of "The Ladies Man" adds that much more character. And that's something you just can't fake.


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