Toe Head
"New Disaster"

(Laundry Room Recordings 2002)Toe Head - New Disaster

There's something really fun about Toe Head's CD "new disaster" - it's catchy, up-tempo, creative and tongue-in-cheek. Songs like the opener, "Candy June" and "Bitch (Can't Hode Dey Smoke)," include driving guitar parts that, while not being anything groundbreaking or new, work really well for the band. And, while each song feels repetitive, only having one or two verses and then going over the chorus a couple times, Toe Head keeps every song interesting by using breaks to either slow the rhythm, change it completely or use weird, seemingly random distorted vocal bits. Butch Walker, formerly of the Marvelous 3, came to mind when hearing Toe Head's singer, Westoe, belting out "B-Flip Chonies" and, especially, "Chocolate Potpourri." The band's also non-PC lyrics, such as "Buddha Bag" whose lyrics describe visiting the Dalai Llama and "cruising through his buddhahood" and then (somehow) jump to "a multi-million dollar crack whore mansion," are proof enough that the band aren't taking themselves too seriously.