Tragic Sense
"Insides Out"

(Self-Released 2002)Tragic Sense - Insides Out

Tragic Sense's debut EP, "Insides Out," is twenty-one-minute trip through thumping electronic, dark but mellow, sometimes almost industrial/sometimes almost rock sounds. The band opens with "Piece of Me," a track which sets up vocalist Julia Fragias for the entire EP and lets you know what to expect -- blending of the vocals and the music that works well and makes the songs flow. The somewhat dark sounding "Piece of Me" makes an abrupt change into "In My Head," which is led by electronic thumping with occasional guitar mixed in that helps make the song interesting to listen to and takes some of the focus off the ongoing electronic beat. Tragic Sense, daringly, added a bit of light rap to "Daddy" by a male voice. The addition, however, sounds like a different song than what Fragias is singing as the two vocals seem to dodge each other; while a good attempt, the vocals do not seem to match and the song does not really seem to fit with the other four tracks. "Down" offers the best hook on the EP as the vocals slide on the notes to "you could use me now for all times..." while the instruments sound borderline industrial until an almost rock sound comes in near the end. The final track, "Dear Love," is a slower ballad different from the other tracks as it starts with a less programmed and electronic sound -- until two-thirds of the way through when a pounding and vocal distortion enter in, for only a few seconds, and is then subdued; it is questionable as to whether that extra bit is even needed for that short time. On the whole, "Insides Out" is a great way for Tragic Sense to debut and make a mark.


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