(Eleven Seven Music 2007)Trapt - Live!

I smell something, do you? What's that you say? Record contract fulfillment? Hmm…Only two full-length albums into their career and Trapt have already graced us with their first live album, cleverly titled "Live!" Containing all of nine live songs and two new studio tracks, "Live!" at no point feels like an honest attempt to give fans access to the live Trapt experience. The album instead seems an excuse to keep Trapt on the minds of the record buying public before the next proper album drops.

The live portion of the album, recorded in Minnesota of all places, delivers overproduced, by-the-numbers versions of the band's biggest hits, including "Headstrong," "Still Frame," and "Stand Up." Between each song we get crowd noise that sounds like it was recorded at a little league badminton match and some truly vapid stage banter. One can imagine an index card somewhere in Trapt's tour bus full of pearls like: "Thank you (insert town here)! We love rocking with YOOUU!"

The two new studio tracks are typical Trapt fare. Both "Stay Alive" and "Everything to Lose" progress in standard FM rock fashion: clean verse, mildly to moderately heavy chorus, repeat as necessary. Neither is particularly bad, both are pretty catchy, and at least one of them is probably all over the radio right now.

What distinguishes a standout live album, take Pantera's "101 Proof" for example, is the sense of a band's connection with the audience and the passion they put into delivering their set. "Live!" is devoid of both, as the audience sounds like they're having a less than stellar time sitting through a three-quarters-assed (Get it? A little more than half-assed? Wokka wokka!) performance from Trapt. The live songs aren't really worth listening to, and fans of the band can save themselves twelve bucks by downloading the studio tracks.


buy it!