Trespassers William

(Nettwerk Records 2006)Trespassers William - Having

Quiet and thoughtful, Trespassers William's album "Having" is the kind of music you can put on to play gently in the background. But instead of staying merely as background noise, "Having" is physical. It has textures and emotions that Trespassers William conveys with their ethereal and understated music.

Digital effects bubble up on "Safe, Sound" and then disappear as the soft and smooth tune takes control. Vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams seems content to blend in, her smooth vocals are absorbed into the sweetly melodic instrumentation that continually evolves before your eyes and ears, albeit with a somewhat reserved and safe tone. Infusing a bit more power, "Eyes Like Bottles" is merely a blip compared to some of the other lengthy tracks as the instrumentation sighs and sways. On "And We Lean In," a slow melody twinkles while the light echoing of "My Hands Up" gently builds up, filling the room with a buzzing energy. Less atmospheric, acoustic guitar adds lightness to "Low Point" as Williams' vocals help to deliver memorable song.

Trespassers William seems more than happy to let their music speak for itself and, for that reason, "Having" never seems ambitious, or pretentious, as it gently and easily flows along. The band quietly meanders, taking their time and finding their way without trouble, and following their hearts and their gentle music. Almost as if holding their breath, "Having" remains in safe territory. But when you get to the end of the journey with Trespassers William, you can not help but wonder if you have actually gone anywhere.


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