"People Need To Know+"

(Self-Released 2003)Tribeca - People Need To Know+

Previewing their album, "Incident at the Metropolis," with an EP called "People Need To Know+," Tribeca deliver the highlights -- at least that is what one would hope. Playing what they call adult alternative, Tribeca say they are akin to Steely Dan and Ben Folds. But Tribeca could rock the easy listening station or a coffee bar or a small club with their generally jazzy and laidback sound that is heavy on both keyboards and horns for a smoothly blended mix of ultra-hum-able tunes.

Deceivingly upbeat with a light spring in its step, "People Need To Know" marvels in sugary vocals, "It's a bit unfortunate that on the day we die/We'll look back on all those times that we passed by/And wonder why we're not so satisfied." Piano jazz highlighted with horns, "Hueponica" is a more interesting listen that slinks and grooves before the edgier "Monument Today" which pounds over a soft melody. Muted instrumentation leads "Two Days After" as it meanders thoughtfully along. Tribeca close the album with an instrumental version of "People Need To Know" that seems more effective than the previous version by letting the instruments doing the talking.

Well performed, "People Need To Know+" does what it came to do, giving listeners an idea of what Tribeca are all about by previewing their album. But while the album is focused, it only delivers one sound. Not quite elevator music, Tribeca are predictable and their bouncy melodies sometimes just too cheery.