Trip Adagio
"When Nice People Say Nasty Things"

(Allure Records 2002)Trip Adagio - When Nice People Say Nasty Things

Trip Adagio is slightly reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, with occasional sitars and horns, lots of great blended harmonies and hand claps - hell, one of the songs is even titled "Supersonic, Psychedelic Halo." But Trip Adagio's sound, with heavy nods to nostalgia, is updated and all the band's own.

Opening with three up-tempo songs, most worth mentioning is the first track, "Mylar," the band then slides into a more mellow sound that continues to the end and is slightly disappointing after seeing the strength of those first three tracks. Any disappointment, however, is forgotten thanks to the dynamics of the music and Robbie McDonald's commanding vocals. Possibly the most interesting track is "Pink Carousel" which begins with a slightly twisted amusement park carousel sound that the band picks up and plays during the refrains before getting stripped away as an electric sitar enters in. "I imagined you like a pink carousel, saw an ivory horse with gold gild. Well, all I've seen is ups and downs, and me, spinning around," McDonald sings during the refrain. The song is followed by "Supersonic, Psychedelic Halo," which is a nice, simple ballad made up primarily of just vocals and a banjo. "(Can't Have) Yesterday Back," returns the band to that fuller sound they showed earlier in the album and has a bit of edge to it that definitely works. "When Nice People Say Nasty Things," closes with a fun, almost jazzy/abstract sounding Trip Adagio jam that appears to be a "hidden track" but shouldn't be missed.


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