(Cooking Vinyl 2007)Turbonegro - Retox

You could likely list Turbonegro's influences, which they so adeptly mimic and fake in their own songs, for hours on end. But where Judas Priest offered listeners loosely veiled euphemisms, Turbonegro do not seem to have any problem saying exactly what they are thinking. It is that raunchy bravado that makes these Norwegian rockers what they are and well deserving of their fun-loving reputation.

The Motorhead style hard rock charge of "No, I'm Alpha Male" gets things going while the fuller garage rock sound of "Do You Do You Dig Destruction" adds clicking castanets. But with the bright electric guitar and falsetto vocals driven "Hell Toupée," Turbonegro hits their stride and capture attention with their catchy delivery while the band delivers their classic sound on the bright and bouncing "Hot And Filthy." "Man, that was rad," singer Hank Von Helvete sings on the how-to guide "Stroke The Shaft." A slower chiming melody reminds of a laidback Doors meets Judas Priest jam on "I Wanna Come" while on the heavy metal track "Everybody Loves A Chubby Dude," Von Helvete sings, "I am the Lizard King, I can eat anything."

Turbonegro's last album, "Party Animals," must have rocked too hard as "Retox" finds a somewhat more sedate side of the band. But it is a side that wants to keep the party going regardless of the consequences. While the tracks of "Retox" do not grab your ear as easily as its predecessor, there are still high moments. Even after all these years, Turbonegro still know how to deliver the goods.


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