(Wampus Multimedia 2005)TVForDogs - Roller

The United Kingdom never really had a grunge scene like the one that originated a couple of decades ago in Seattle, Washington. But TVForDogs seem determined to bring the scene to the UK. But the band's second album, "Roller," comes across a little more Foo Fighters than Nirvana. "Roller" straddles the line, blending a fair amount of modern rock into their sound and offering just as many heavy riffs as soft rock moments.

While the vocals seem to get stuck in his throat a la Eddie Vedder style, singer and guitarist Neil Luckett leads "The Universe Is Blue" as it brightly bounces, its quick melody blended with jagged and gritty instrumentation, while "Natural Science Fiction" takes a slightly more upbeat approach. Meanwhile, quieter tracks like "Roller" are dominated by smooth vocal harmonies while the bass riff of "Everlasting Sun" sets the song in motion as it gains momentum and builds to fullness. Piano adds to the soft rhythm set on "100x" and "Drive" offers a slightly more fragile ballad driven on smooth melodies. The band takes one last chance and puts a spin on their sound with the light pop bounce of "Be Careful."

TVForDogs start "Roller" with energy and force, ready to rock. But for whatever reason, "Roller" clumps the slow songs together at the end for a tone that is not only completely different than the one they set out in the beginning, but also adds an unbalanced and uneven feeling. TVForDogs start "Roller" as a hard hitting rock band and finish it hardly rocking.


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