Twilight Dump
"Twilight Dump"

(Mungler Winslowe Records 2005)Twilight Dump - Twilight Dump

Listening to Twilight Dump's self-titled album brings to mind one specific, and particularly trivial, question: will Casey Brandt ever release an album using his own name? Abandoning his Furious Billy alias and instead adopting Twilight Dump, Brandt makes a clear distinction between the two identities. Furious Billy's last album, "Sleep," was guitar buzzing aggressive punk but Twilight Dump takes a more mellow approach.

"Welcome to America/where everything's on sale," Brandt dryly observes on the rhythm heavy "Welcome To America." Label co-founder Crystal Brandt adds background vocals to Twilight Dump, such as on the bright and catchy "Daylight In Denial" and the lightly thundering "Exploding Heart," where her soft vocals round the rough edges of his voice. Choppy riffs on "Out on the Pavement" and a stamping tone accented by electric guitar on "Phoenix Rising" make the songs stand apart from the more subtle tracks "Sticky People" and "Silver Hammer." Static cracks as "Trouble" progresses from a slow dirge to a twinkling melody. Meanwhile, Brandt pays tribute to Furious Billy with the understated "Sleep (Pt. 2)."

A folksy indie rock blend preserves Brandt's trademark quirky melodies and style on the self-titled Twilight Dump album. A separation and distinction might be necessary between Brandt's projects but regardless Twilight Dump is a strong release. Running the gamut from stomping indie gems, which Brandt brilliantly always leaves with a faintly rough finish, to songs with a subdued tone but not message. Twilight Dump is not a different side of Brandt, it is merely viewing him from a different angle.


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