Two Tongues
"Two Tongues"

(Vagrant Records 2009)Two Tongues - Two Tongues

An all star team struck out in the third inning. Though not a terrible attempt, Two Tongues should have worn a different jersey when going up to bat.

As the time rolled closer to the release date, Two Tongues (Max Bemis from Say Anything and Chris Conley from Saves The Day) kept everyone in suspense with the release of only a few tracks, and a deceiving explanation on their MySpace page. The self-titled debut of Two Tongues does not sound like "Is A Real Boy" meets "Through Being Cool, like they said, but more like "In Defense Of Genre" meets "Sound The Alarm." For anyone needing a fix of old school Max Bemis or Chris Conley, turn and walk out of the CD store. But if you're a fan of the new direction both have gone in, go for it. Musically speaking this album is pretty solid for its kind. With attempts at a grungy type of genre, as on "Dead Lizard," and the spacious alternative scene, on "Try Not To Save Me," Two Tongues does it well. Overall, this is a modern emo album that lacks in powerful lyrics and inventiveness, which is what we all love about both Bemis and Conley.

With that being said, this album isn't really throw away worthy, and has some catchy tracks like "Crawl" and "Come On." Two Tongues is simply both Say Anything and Saves The Day put together, and, to no surprise, they mold together easily. But, Two Tongues just doesn't have that "umph" that both "Through Being Cool" and "Is A Real Boy" have. The lyrics are nothing to really relate to, and don't have that guiding light that "TBC" or "IARB" have either.

The release is likable, but not "put on repeat" worthy. It isn't the album of the year in any circumstance, and will probably lose its hype in a few months. Don't buy it, but ripping it from a friend wouldn't be that bad of an idea.


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