Uber Cool Kung Fu

(Omega Point Records 2005)Uber Cool Kung Fu - 3

Minneapolis trio Uber Cool Kung Fu may have a humorous acronym, U*C*K*F*, but that is not all they have. The band's debut album, "3" is throbbing, pumping dance and electro-rock. Alternating between being aggressive and endearing, Uber Cool Kung Fu avoids getting stuck in a rut by keeping things fluid and ever changing.

Heavy instrumentation squeals as it flies by on the dark sounds of "Feel Nothing" before a guitar solo adds an understated note to the background while the poppy electro rock on "Hollywood Kills" culminates in a chorus chanting the title, pulses throbbing over the grinding music. Led by catchy instrumentation, "Drag Queen" comes out sounding like an odd mix between Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. Bright beats twinkle on "Tonite" as the song takes over as a dance anthem before "Killing Game" slinks by, low key and sexy. The band continues the dance theme with the pumping energy of "Last Rites" and "The Slow Grind" and the slower "Stained" before they pull the album together with the synth string symphony of "Down," a quiet and thoughtful song.

One thing is clear, Uber Cool Kung Fu want to see you move when you listen to "3." There is no shortage of infectious pulses on "3" as Uber Cool Kung Fu struggle to make a foothold for themselves but they are certainly headed in the right direction. Uber Cool Kung Fu may not be the most innovative, but they have their groundwork and foundation done for them.


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