Ultra Violent Lights
"Here in Filth"

(COMMAND! Records/SideCho Media 2009)Ultra Violent Lights - Here in Filth

Combining distorted guitars with vicious vocals, Ultra Violent Lights have created an album that feels dirty and uncompromising yet at the same features incredibly addictive choruses and melodies that you'll find yourself humming whenever you're awake.

We begin with "Skin and Bones," a song so vicious you'll want to lock it up and throw away the key. Reminiscent of Nirvana, it introduces the listener to a world full of angst, pain and self loathing. "Spiders Eat the Flies," though not as heavy as the opening track, is no less furious and features a chorus that's hard not to sing along to. The next track "Some Kind Of Season" is a highlight of the album, Nick Faiella's vocals on this track have a certain growl about them, and when you hear him say "you think you're sorry, boy?" you can truly feel the fury of the lyrics. "Sleep Now" opens with some highly innovative chords, which give the song a kind of "futuristic" feel. Indeed, it reminds this reviewer of Linkin Park. "Here in Filth" the only "mellow" song on the album is actually the best track, the vocals are delivered quite beautifully and the lyrics have certain poignancy about them - something that is lacking from the other songs on the album. "In Lieu Of Pay" returns to the heavier feel of earlier songs, and features a thumping bass line that is the driving force of the song. Also unlike the other tracks on the album, it sounds more influenced via ‘60s metal bands, such as Black Sabbath, than the grunge movement of the ‘90s. "The Spell (NYC)" is the first weak song on the album, and tries to emulate Blink-182 but fails horribly. Adam Lewis's bass is actually quite good, it's just all other aspects are terrible. "A Martyr in Me" resumes the good quality; it features the best chorus on the album and makes you want to start a mosh pit in your living room.

Unfortunately "Buried at the Bottom of Silverlake" is pretty awful, and is full of the cheese that makes emo music so cringe worthy. "Thick as Thieves," fortunately, is a perfect finish and features some extremely interesting guitar work. The song itself builds you up like a wall of tension and then knocks you down with a sledgehammer. It provides a fitting end to an album full of fury and spite.

Despite featuring some cringe worthy tracks, "Here in Filth" grabs the listener, throws them in a battlefield, makes them fight for their life and then tosses them back to their living room. I have a feeling Ultra Violent Lights will soon be the voice of a new generation of disillusioned teenagers. Put simply the album is uncompromising, filthy and most of all - furious. Well worth checking out.


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