Uninhabitable Mansions
"Nature Is A Taker"

(Self-Released 2009)Uninhabitable Mansions - Nature Is A Taker

Given the bio on their website, very few details can be drawn about Uninhabitable Mansions. They are based out of Brooklyn, NY. They are also an art collective (rare for any Brooklyn-based band). The outfit consists of Robbie Guertin and Tyler Sargent of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone, Danny Comer, and Doug Marvin. Despite the vagueness in their bio, Uninhabitable Mansions' first full-length album "Nature Is a Taker" evokes a wide arrange of musical tastes. Think of a party...in said Mansion, where Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Phoenix, and Howard Bilerman of the Arcade Fire are all invited.

Comparisons aside, UM is pretty straight forward pop rock with hints of psychedelic undertones. "The Speed is Deceiving," the first track off the LP, starts off with a simple riff and dual vocals from Guertin and Hart, then bounces along with hooks and melodies fit for any pop junkie. The next track, "Big Kick," distorts and obliterates any preconceived expectations for a simple pop album. Glitchy guitars and space age synthesizers warp this track back and forth like it was blended through a worm hole and spat back out.

The album does have some deliberate and breezy moments. Hart's soft spoken "The Brain Is a Slow Wave" opens with the pitter patter of a hyperactive high hat and rhythmic synth pulse until it culminates in a downpour of riffs and cymbal crashes. Leading the album out is the anthem like "Ex-Explorers" with its closing harmony "Take me out the next time you go/We'll find a place that nobody knows." I'm not sure UM have found that new and mysterious position with this effort but they have crafted an upbeat and enjoyable rock album. So, hell, take me out, too. I'm buying what you're selling.


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