"The Vacation"

(American Recordings 2006)Vacation - The Vacation

With a gritty sound that rolls around roughly with a forceful attitude and high energy, The Vacation is not the quiet and mellow time that their name might suggest. But their major label debut is not exactly new. Originally released in the United Kingdom in 2004 on Echo Label as "Band From World War Zero," Rick Rubin's American Recordings have re-mastered and re-released the album.

The Vacation come across on recording as a band that when you see them live, if they did not completely go wild, working the crowd into a frenzy and tearing up the stage, you would be more than a little disappointed. Tracks like the pounding "I'm No Good" and the speeding guitar rock of "Make Up Your Mind" are dominating, the instrumentation charging ahead with a hedonistic appeal. Stadium rock moments, with their anthem-like qualities, show up such as on the thrashing punk of "Destitute Prostitutes." Meanwhile, a gritty guitar riff bounces and adds a darker feel to "Liquid Lunch" and "Cherry Cola" keeps things loose, letting it all hang out on the gritty but relatively minimal track.

Rocking and rolling, The Vacation fill the room with their lively garage rock meets punk meets glam music. Anything but over produced, The Vacation's album remains rough around the edges, their take-us-as-you-find-us-or-else attitude driving the songs as they bounce all over the place, rarely settling down. Never posing as a highbrow rock band, The Vacation keep things simple.


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