"Enter the Vaselines"

(Sub Pop 2009)Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines

Enter the brilliant fuzz. Enter the head bobbing snare drum. Enter The Vaselines; a beautiful combination of simplicity and pop hooks that dominate most of “Enter the Vaselines,” a two disc re-mastered combination of both studio and live tracks that span their brief but influential career.

“Enter the Vaselines” differs heavily from song to song, covering a variety of musical styles. Take, for example, “You Think You’re a Man,” a track which combines the techno dance grooves of the late ‘80s with the pop sensibility of an early ‘90s Gin Blossoms and repeats the title infectiously throughout the track. “Dying For It” immediately follows, with its distorted punky bass line and a drum beat that clearly laid the foundation for bands of today, including Matt and Kim and the White Stripes. On a different note entirely, “Sex Sux (Amen)” bursts into its driving bass and drums and instantly grabs a hold of the listener while a rocking guitar spits bluesy riffs as the song pounds along. As the record delves deeper, tracks like “Hairy” spew grungy noise rock that seems so disgustingly messy that you can only hope to understand what makes your body want to move so much.

The Vaselines craft a gem with this remastered set; never before have two-and-a-half minute songs been so loveable and dirty at the same time! “Enter the Vaselines” is a “Lovecraft” indeed, built by the grueling hard work that tends to fizzle out so many bands. Lucky for us, they’ve hit the road again and reunited for Sub-Pop’s 20th anniversary this year. This name-brand petroleum jelly really knows how to rock!


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