Verona Grove
"The Story Thought Over"

(Pat's Record Company 2007)Verona Grove - The Story Thought Over

Rock trio Verona Grove pulled up stakes in late 2006 leaving their homes in Oshkosh, WI, and moved to The City of Angels to make their debut album, "The Story Thought Over." With upbeat melodies and carefully crafted songs about love and being from a small town, all with an optimistic attitude, it is clear that LA has not broken the band's spirits just yet. LA's losing its touch.

Somewhere between New Found Glory and All-American Rejects, Verona Grove use quick, bouncy riffs to drive their songs. The band seems ready to infect listeners with their runaway melodies on tracks like "Broadcast the News" and the brighter "Everything You Dreamed," the latter being a track likely to be replayed for its poppy and memorable chorus. Similarly, electronics pulse rapidly during the chorus of the feel good "My Hero." The band only bares their teeth briefly on the edgier punk sound of "I Haven't Got Much (But I'm Getting Somewhere)," a sound that is vastly contrasted by the thoughtful piano ballad "Revolution."

Verona Grove is an open and fresh faced band. They are sweet and thoughtful. "The Story Thought Over" is honest and straightforward and it shows in their poppy rock sound and through their genuine lyrics. But while the band have a few tracks that stand out, the others are easy to miss. Verona Grove have a tight sound with potential and the band is good at what it does but a fair amount of the album walks the fine line of not quite being filler and not quite being a hit.