Various Artists
"Veronica Mars Original Television Soundtrack"

(Nettwerk Records 2005)Various Artists - Veronica Mars Original Television Soundtrack

The teenage private investigation prodigy Veronica Mars, as played by perky blonde Kristen Bell, might solve crimes on a weekly television series but she needs a good soundtrack in the background. A point that creator Rob Thomas is obviously aware of as evidenced by his writings in the soundtrack's linear notes: "I do love it when music drives story."

The Dandy Warhols' "We Used To Be Friends," which acts as the show's theme song, rages, instruments buzzing to the electro pop and singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor's falsetto vocals. Singer-songwriter Mike Doughty's "I Hear The Bells" becomes a memorable track with its positive, upbeat sound as Spoon's thumping, jingling minimalism on "I Turn My Camera On" is infectious. Grrl pop reflects the nature of "Veronica Mars," despite the bubblegum nature of the selections: Tegan & Sara's sweet but high pitched "I Know I Know I Know" and The Faders' "No Sleep Tonight" whose pounding rhythm reminds of Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy." Floating lightly, instruments echo in the background of the Delays' "Long Time Coming" while Ivy's "Ocean City Girl" reminds of Air and 46bliss' "The Way You Are" churns and pulses, remaining low key.

Full of young, hip names, the soundtrack plays up familiar sounds and names and gently introduces new names for a compilation that is surprisingly well rounded. Indeed, the "Veronica Mars" soundtrack has a bit of it all as rock pounds before segueing the soundtrack into more mellow songs to help set the emotion for a scene and then quickly spiking your energy level back up with pulsing electro pop. Not just for high school girls, the "Veronica Mars" soundtrack wants to be cool by including some indie sounds, but it also wants to be a little poppy without selling out.


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