"Where The Killers Run"

(Tarnished Records 2007)Viarosa - Where The Killers Run

Nick Cave has always been known for his dark gothic rock tunes but it never came across as clearly as in his ultra-gory film of "The Proposition" about Australia's Outback. But Viarosa, from the United Kingdom, do not need a film to get their message across. Dark and wickedly appealing, Viarosa are blues and folk with a fierce twist that comes through with ghostly instrumentation and bold vocals. The band's "Where The Killers Run" was recently released as a special edition with three extra bonus tracks that only add to the band's allure.

Viarosa are never stronger than when offering the dangerous low blues sound of "Only Child" while bonus track "Whiskeyworld" is a quick and catchy number that sees frontman Richard Neuberg growling the words. On the darkly melodic "Blood From a Stone," the band evokes a feeling of eerie seclusion. But just when you think you have Viarosa pegged, the band throw out "All This Worry (Will Be Over Soon)," a rousing up tempo number which sees Emma Seal take lead vocals for the first and only time on the album, and "Wake," with its slightly rougher, edgier vocals and less gloomy mood.

Viarosa's "Where The Killers Run" is a hoedown you may not return from alive, and that is part of the appeal. Even when at a bare minimum, the vibrant instrumentation says just as much as Neuberg's vocals while the band sets an even tone and sticks with it. The consistency pays off for Viarosa as "Where The Killers Run" is evenhanded as it delivers its poison.


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