Vic du Monte's Idiot Prayer
"Prey for the City"

(Duna Records 2005)Vic du Monte\'s Idiot Prayer - Prey for the City

With attitude and a voice that matches the wild swagger, Vic du Monte, also known as Chris Cockrell, gives "Prey for the City" a retro garage rock that is high energy and just plain good. A slew of names come to mind while listening to "Prey for the City" but no one name in particular really pegs this debut from Vic du Monte's Idiot Prayer.

Shrill sounding keyboard weaves throughout the album as drums crash and bass drives while serious guitar riffs bring it all together. 60s rock strikes back with a high energy vengeance on "Jolene" -- and with some updated, fresh touches. Low key moments such as "Casablanca," "Death & Man" and "Country Cage" are lyrically vivid with unique tales to tell. While on "Dead Airline Ticket," where Cockrell professes "one more shot leads to excess," and "Sex at Knifepoint," Idiot's Prayer come out swinging with their rough, wild numbers.

"Record company gets, what the record company wants/Obviously, they don't want this," Cockrell asserts with a snarl on "Company Man" as guitar and keyboard cut to the action and duke it out. In this world of manufactured, processed rock bands, Vic du Monte's Idiot Prayer's "Prey for the City" is all rock with none of the contemporary additives. Instead, it is rough around the edges and with an air of excitement. Rock like this ain't always pretty.


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