Virginia City Revival
"A Bandin' The Herd"

(Dawn of the White Light Records 2007)Virginia City Revival - A Bandin\' The Herd

Imagine a goofier Tom Jones fronting Motorhead, if the speeding punk metal band had actually been from the southern United States, during a cabaret show in Las Vegas. Got that image in mind? Maybe mix in some Ween or The Cramps and that is about as close a description as you can get to The Virginia City Revival. As terrifying as it might seem, The Virginia City Revival make their debut release "A Bandin' The Herd" a wild ride that never stops rocking hard.

Instrumentation speeds at a breakneck pace past twittering vocals for the catchy "Mexican Newscaster" while the amped up falsetto vocals off punky sneers on "I'm Not Ready" over thick bass and exaggerated riffs. Elsewhere, the band keeps up their rapid delivery and tight instrumentation. "Addicted" flies by with a swinging sound that puts the pedal to the metal from time to time while the pounding rhythm of "King of Weed" brings Lemmy and his mates to mind. The spacey bubbling of "Man is the Curse of Man" recalls Ween before the Virginia City Revival opt for a heavy metal drive. "We got a Slurpee machine over here for all the kids who want to commit suicide," Rev. Josey DeVille announces before the band breaks into loose, jaunty rock that borrows the thumping "Viva Las Vegas" riff by way of the Dead Kennedys.

"A Bandin' The Herd" is quite the production. Each song is carefully scripted and performed. The Virginia City Revival sells themselves on each and every song and always make sure that the show does, indeed, go on. While the Virginia City Revival's record does get kind of lengthy, it is the kind of album made for having a good time.


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