Viva Machine
"Viva Machine"

(Rocklouder Records 2009)Viva Machine - Viva Machine

Gillette did it, Ford did it, and now Viva Machine has done it. That’s right folks, in case you haven’t already guessed it, the word of the hour is fusion. And in this case, it is done with the perfect mix of rock and dance music.

“Go! Go! Go!” boasts a Franz Ferdinand styled vocal line over a heavy drum beat, thumping like a locomotive with cymbals reigning over everything. That energy carries right into the next track; a powerful chant along tune commanding attention in a forceful way. The beauty is in the breakdown, however, where Viva Machine have got a solid hold of the stark contrast needed to make the dynamic so exquisitely enthralling. "Oxygen" expands on the fusion themed album, mixing dancey synths with the heavy beats which seem to define this act. As if dance rock was enough to make you want to shout the words, throw in a track like "Yo Ho," you know, your everyday pirate sing-along...complete with modern day guitar effects!

Viva Machine conjure up something of a rarity on their self titled effort; something that takes the most appealing aspects of two completely different kinds of music and combines them into a very desirable product. Your ultimate party anthems can all be found here, so you need not look any further. Viva rock! Viva America! Viva Machine!


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