We Are Scientists
"Brain Thrust Mastery"

(Astralwerks 2008)We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

Two's company but three's a crowd. Perhaps We Are Scientists have found some truth in the old saying now that the one time trio, with the retirement of longtime drummer Michael Tapper last year, have become a duo comprised of college buddies Keith Murray and Chris Cain. On the band's third album "Brain Thrust Mastery" they show off an indie electronic rock sound that is as much about their keyboards as it is about their electric guitars.

Rarely do We Are Scientists pick their heads up and offer a more aggressive sound but for "Chick Lit" they pull out a lush dance sound while insisting, "I asked you nicely once, I won't do that again." But the majority of the rest of the album is more reserved, more solemn. "We all recognize I'm the problem here," Murray repeats on opening track "Ghouls" over the crescendo of squealing instrumentation. Of course, what would an electronic album be these days without paying tribute to the influence of the '80s? "Lethal Enforcer" is likable and generous with its use of light synth sounds while heavy bass picks up the rear as elsewhere "Tonight" sports a darker melody that echoes over pounding drums.

We Are Scientists obviously were not shaken up too much by their lineup changes as "Brain Thrust Mastery" sounds like a careful mix where the instruments blend seamlessly in. But squealing reverb and riffs still manage to add some depth, popping out from time to time. We Are Scientists make their "Brain Thrust Mastery" into a collection of nice songs by a couple of nice guys who rarely push any buttons or break new ground.


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