We Are The Fury
"Infinite Jest"

(Unborn Media Records 2006)We Are The Fury - Infinite Jest

With the squealing vocals of 1970s era David Bowie and a fuller sound than T. Rex, We Are The Fury are out to give glam rock a make over suitable for 2006. What is more, this quintet is, surprisingly, not another band from across the pond in the United Kingdom. Instead, We Are The Fury are from Toledo, Ohio, of all places. Previewing their sound with a five track EP, "Infinite Jest" is full and aggressive as it pounds through your stereo's speakers while We Are The Fury come across so uncompromisingly that calling it "high energy" might make it seem a little too soft.

Instrumentation pounds loudly on "Better Off This Way" as piano makes "Anesthetic Parade" into a textured and energetic track. Vocalist Jeremy Lublin goes a little over the top, screaming, squeaking and trying in earnest to procure the spirits of Marc Bolan and other departed singers into his voice for "Nation, Forgive Us" as the song builds from a quieter crashing introduction into full rock. Guitar slides up and down as piano pounds, getting the full glam effect in on the calmer "Parody At The Masquerade." But on "Soap Opera" Lublin practically spits on you through the power of technology he snarls the lyrics on the upbeat but full song as it all comes together, ending with a choir-like sound.

"Infinite Jest" is a well rounded and likable introduction to the aptly named We Are The Fury. Indeed, We Are The Fury seem to make the most of the five tracks, really showing a range and control that will leave many eager for a full-length release. Bringing to mind some old bands and even some new bands, We Are The Fury might want to distinguish themselves slightly more.


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