We Came As Romans
"To Plant a Seed"

(Equal Vision 2009)We Came As Romans - To Plant a Seed

We Came as Romans have created a stereotypical album with "To Plant a Seed" which is typical of today's guitar scene. Boring metal guitar riffs (which sound like the soundtrack to one of those cheap Japanese video games) and screaming vocals (which this reviewer assumes exist to only give people headaches). Indeed the whole genre has killed guitar music (it's either this rubbish or strummed acoustic guitars). So what exactly is too bad about the album?

"To Plant a Seed" is terrible, it sounds like every song ever popularized via Papa Roach, Slipknot and the various others spearheading this terrible genre. "Broken Statues" is the same identical song as the opening track except they decided to throw in some violins. In fact, there is no point in this reviewer even bothering to review all the tracks as they are virtually identical. The only one worth mentioning is the final track "An Ever Growing Wonder" because of how laughably bad the song is. This album just goes to show how bad the quality of music is going. Sure some bands are still out there playing excellent music. However, for everyone of them, there are three other bands (like We Came as Romans) making God-awful music.

So basically this album is the hardest album I've had to review. At least with some albums there is some variety in genre. This one, however, is so repetitive it's hard to describe it because all the songs sound the same. However, for some, reason people love this rubbish so don't be surprised if they become the next best thing. Put simply if people continue to release music as bad as this (and indeed carry on to buy it) then all the governments of the world will have to come together and outlaw music altogether. Absolute rubbish.


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