(Brave New World Records 2007)Wedding - Polarity

Arkansas quintet The Wedding is an energetic group of guys. The band's album "Polarity" rarely takes a break as it combines soaring pop and emo with an aggressive twist of hardcore and punk rock. The Wedding will be screaming like a metal band one moment before straightening up and singing pitch perfect for Mom and Dad. It is more like good kids cutting loose when the authorities are not around than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Smooth horns add flair and a little something extra here and there on "Polarity." On "Say Your Prayers" The Wedding uses jazzy horns along with thumping drums and bass at the end of the track's driving instrumentation while bagpipes accent the introduction of the grinding hardcore influenced "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead." But on the cutesy piano plinking "This One's For You," The Wedding seems in best form as they sing that "you gotta get get over yourself a little to see the grass is green." The catchy and familiar melody of closing track "Fireworks" comes much too late in the album but leaves fans with a positive memory of The Wedding.

For better or for worse, in the end, even after all of The Wedding's side trips with rough vocals and chugging guitar riffs, "Polarity" comes across as an unthreatening emo record. Even if this dynamic and energetic band never takes the initiative to really stand out, The Wedding makes a stand on "Polarity." Filled throughout with upbeat melodies which are ripe for fan sing alongs, "Polarity" is a safe record that lets listeners get familiar with The Wedding.


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