"At the Cat's Cradle, 1992"

(MVD Audio/Chocodog 2008)Ween - At the Cat\'s Cradle, 1992

The year was 1992. The Seattle grunge scene was in full swing but across the country from a city outside of Philadelphia, just across the river from New Jersey, two friends were bringing their quirky music to the world. Casey Kasem-like introductions aside, before Gener and Deaner were playing show in excess of three hours long with proportionally long guitar solos and jamming with a full band, Ween were very different live. The newly released CD/DVD "At The Cat's Cradle" includes said live concert audio on CD plus a nearly 50 minute long DVD of home video footage from performances in The Netherlands (1991), Trenton, NJ (1992), and Columbus, OH (1992).

The twenty-one song setlist (all songs "by the band Ween," they'll have you know) from the Cat's Cradle show sounds tight and reflects well of their then nine months on tour. The between (and during, for that matter) song chatter is nearly as entertaining as the songs themselves, especially with the DAT playbacks. On the DVD, decked out in a chef's hat, swimming goggles and inexplicably missing his shoes, a shrieking Gene spasms around on the stage as, meanwhile, Dean, in a red hood, holds it down on electric guitar. With a distinct DIY, authentically '90s, epileptic fit inducing home video style, the camera zooms rapidly in and out during Dean's guitar during the Netherlands' clips.

For a band like Ween, who have a loyal following that I hesitate to label as "cult," the official release of the Cat's Cradle performance is a definite two thumbs up and a must have for any collection. The recording is, simply put, fun; and that's a direct reflection of the band that seem to be having a hell of a time during the show.


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